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Sand Waves Oil Co. operated as a shallow oil exploration company from August 1981 to June 1986. Nearly ninety prospects were generated primarily in Eastern Oklahoma and the Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles. The staff consisted of three geologists, a landman, an office manager and a geologic technician.

Regional studies of productive sandstone formation resulted in prospects. Sand Waves Oil Co. leased the prospects, cleared the drilling title opinion and sold the prospects for a quartered carried interest to casing point for our investors.

Because of the lack of industry activity Sand Waves Oil Co. closed June 1986. We are offering for sale the entire company. This includes all the geologic data, land work, regional studies and prospects. All data and work product are included. There are no liabilities or loans.

Geologic Data

Our approach is to gather all the available logs at the OCGS Library and completion cards. In Eastern Oklahoma, we also acquire the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Driller`s Logs (1002A Forms) when e-logs are not available. Logs not available at the library are purchased when possible. Sand Waves Oil Co. subscribed to Petroleum Information completion card service and Herndon Maps. All is included in the sale except for the Herndon Map Books.

Our procedure is to copy the full detail section of the log and part of the small scale log. These copies are correlated, structure and isopach data are calculated, DST's and production data including perforations and initial production rates are plotted on the log copies. There are 13,898 elog copies and 4,307 1002A Forms included in this offering. The number of completion cards exceeds these numbers and proved to be too much to count. The completion cards are sorted and filed by location.

Geologic Studies

Sand Waves Oil Co exploration method always starts with a regional study. This gives us the ability to understand the current production trends and the nature of the reservoir traps. The majority of our studies are stratigraphic sandstone reservoir sands. Typically these studies include a structure map, a sand isopach map and a key genetic increment of strata (GIS) map.

A regional study establishes production trends and results in the identification of geologic leads. Key wells on trend with current production often result in prospect identification.

Oil Drilling Prospects

Based on the regional mapping of productive formation, drilling prospects are generated. Sand Waves Oil Co. generated eighty-nine (89) prospects. These prospects have not been updated since 1986. The validity of any given prospect should not be assumed and all prospects at this time should only be viewed as areas of interest.

The status of the prospects ranged from leased and drilled to no action taken by Sand Waves Oil Co. All data and regional studies are included in the sale and will facilitate updating prospects.

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The material included in the sale may be inspected at:
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